Challenge Activity

Challenge Activity

Previous and On-going Challenges and Dialogs


Note: Correspondence sent to NTS regarding the NTS Challenge 
becomes the property of NTS and will be posted here.

September 2001

Robert de Boer’s dream challenge

Robert de Boer can see the future in his dreams. He has sent us e-mail offering to challenge us for our $10,000 award.

We are currently evaluating his claims to see if he can actually see the future in his dreams. If Robert can make some successful predictions based on his dreams, we will set up a test for him. He may well be the first to claim our $10,000 Award!

Text of e-mail correspondence so far
Here is a table of Robert’s predictions (and the results)

October 2001

Robert Cioffi’s defense of Elizabeth Joyce

Robert Cioffi came to us as a true believer, but he is unwilling to substantiate any of Elizabeth’s phony predictions. He insists he is not a challenger.

Read the humorous dialog we had with Robert Cioffi and follow our coverage of the notorious fake Elizabeth Joyce.

Text of e-mail exchange with Robert Cioffi
Elizabeth Joyce’s Phony Predictions

October 2002

We received an interesting e-mail from Victor Baines, who initially used a fictitious return address.

Victor Baines supports ESP and other weird stuff.

October 2002

David Oakes is skeptical of our definition of skepticism.

Correspondence with David Oakes

December 2002

Joseph Faulkner finds us personally offensive.

Correspondence with Joseph Faulkner

February 2003

Russell Shipp says he can move things with his mind.

Correspondence with Russell Shipp

March 2003

Astrology researcher Jagdish C. Maheshri says he can write charts that even the subjects will recognize.

Correspondence with Jagdish C. Maheshri

May 2003

Ron Mangum claims to have (unspecified) paranormal powers.

We received an e-mail from Ron Mangum claiming special powers. He wants our $10,000 prize. We will wait and see what he has first.

Text of e-mail exchange with Ron Mangum

October 2003

We sometimes receive anonymous e-mail.

No name, no return address

February 2004

We are currently involved in an e-mail exchange with Greg Nichols and Greg Willis.

Correspondence with Nichols and Willis

August 2004

We are currently involved in an e-mail dialog with Rechey Davidson.

Correspondence with Rechey Davidson

July 2005

Igor Boyarchenko wants us to test psychic “Zina.”

We received an e-mail from Igor Boyarchenko encouraging us to test a psychic named “Zina”.

Text of e-mail exchange with Igor Boyarchenko

June 2007

Rosemary Hunter talks to God.

We received an e-mail from Rosemary Hunter.

Text of e-mail exchange with Rosemary Hunter

October 2007


Gary Greenwood wants to demonstrate his paranormal abilities.

E-mail correspondence with Gary Greenwood

October 2007

Robert Tobolson can cure through prayer.

Robert Tobolson phoned us and followed up with an e-mail.

E-mail exchange with Robert Tobolson

November 2007

Tomas Camacho has a gifted daughter who can take our prize.

E-mail exchange with Tomas Camacho

October 2008

Peter Castillo came to Dallas to give a demonstration.

E-mail exchange with Peter Castillo

July 2009

Raymond Powell can project his thoughts.

E-mail exchange with Raymond Powell

October 2009

Matthew Smith’s curious challenge.

E-mail exchange with Matthew Smith

June 2011

Wieslaw Miernik is from Poland. He has discovered a Buddha pendant with healing powers.

Correspondence with Wieslaw Miernik

October 2011

Anita Ikonen claims a lot and produces nothing.

Correspondence with Anita Ikonen

November 2011

Justin Johnson has ESP powers.

Correspondence with Justin Johnson

November 2011

Fernando Quezada wants to test for the prize.

E-mail exchange with Fernando Quezada