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Believe it or not, there are a few skeptical resources on the net. Check out these links:

* National Center for Science Education
* Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
* Skeptics Society
* National Council Against Health Fraud
* Urban Legends Reference Pages
* Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
* The Skeptic’s Dictionary
* Other links to skeptical resources

The following periodicals and journals are highly recommended by NTS officers and directors for those who wish to keep up to date on skepticism in general, especially as it applies to pseudoscience, alternative medicine, psychic phenomena, popular social delusions, and philosophical aspects of skepticism:

* Skeptical Inquirer
* Skeptic

The truth, such as it is, can never be hurt by questions. To search for information on just about any topic, and to find the organizations that are interested in these topics, check out these Internet search engines and places to start:

*Search NT Skeptics (this) site.
* EINet Galaxy
* excite Netsearch
* Go2 (Formerly World Wide Web Worm)
* Lycos
* WebCrawler
* Yahoo