An Evening with Eric Meikle and a Special Expert Guest

Fascinating evening.  Eric Meikle discussed the continued prevalence of evolution denial in the United States and explained how the National Center on Science Education ( supports everyone involved in school administration, parents and students, teachers and administrators, as well as policy-makers in the accurate teaching of evolution, and now, climate science.

Meikle discussed the NCSE’s role in assembling and supporting the team to ultimately prevailed in theKitzmiller vs Dover trial Area_School_District.  Fortunately for NT Skeptics, accompanying Meikle to our dinner is none other than Robert Pennock (, philosopher of science and one of the witnesses for the plaintiff at the Dover trial.
Pennock discussed his work a Michigan State in which they are pushing the boundaries of our evolutionary understanding.  In one of their most significant projects, they are using the principles of evolution to solve engineering problems that can improve our lives and the world in general.  In essence, they are turning up the speed on evolution to create better cars, safer tools, and much more.  For many who doubt whether the principles of evolution can produce significant design improvements, this will be clear evidence that it can.  In addition to this exciting work, Pennock shared some insights from his his book Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism. Purchasing his book through this link helps to support NT Skeptics. It is available in electronic format.